How The Use Of Defective Earplugs Harmed The Service Member Nationwide?

Combat Arms Earplugs Version 2 that is a type of 3M military army earplugs has product defects that result in severe hearing loss of millions of veterans. Combat Arms Earplugs are advanced hearing protection device which was marketed to the U.S. military. Combat Arms Earplugs is quite effective in blocking high-impact noises from the battlefield.

If you have used combat arms earplugs which resulted in hearing loss then you should have a look at


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There are many armed forces members who have faced the issue of dual-ended earplugs.  The defective dual-ended military earplugs resulted in hearing loss among many servicemen and women. There are many veterans who are facing such a risk.

Defective combat earplug lawsuits are filed by many veterans who suffered army hearing loss against 3M. The lawsuit filed was a way to collect compensation for damages caused due to the use of the defective product.  The defective earplug attorneys make sure that their client gets significant compensation and justice even the case is complex.

Case filing against 3M is the only way through which veterans and their families can get the compensation that they deserve for all the damages and suffering related to army earplug defects. Filing lawsuit is the best way to hold the manufacturer accountable for the damage that occurred due to 3M earplug usage.

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Defective Army Earplugs

The other name of 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs is selective attenuation, dual-ended earplugs. These earplugs are designed in such a manner that they provide two levels of hearing protection. But there was a design defect in these earplugs. Browse here to know more about combat earplug lawsuits.

The defect was the earplug shaft was too short which result in its dislodging without the wearer noticing. Due to which armed forces members have hearing damage because of ongoing noises of the battlefield.