Various Method Of Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is a method in which conflicts or claims are settled between two parties. The main aim of dispute resolution is that both the groups arrive at an agreement. The reasons for these disputes are wage demands, unfair labor practices, political interferences, union rivalry, etc. Similarly in ‘family mediation(generally known as ‘familienmediation’ in the German language) third party solve the dispute.

In this article, we are going to discuss seven methods of resolving industrial disputes. These ‘dispute resolution’( generally known as ‘streitbeilegung’ in the German language) are implemented according to the situational requirements.


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Collective Bargaining

In this method, the representatives of the employee’s meet and discuss various matters related to wages. By discussion, they try to arrive at a mutual agreement.

Code of Discipline

In this process, the duties and responsibilities of both the parties are defined. All the norms are followed in such a way that the probability of disputes can be reduced.

Grievance Procedure

In case there is a violation of the provision of law or the terms and conditions of employment.


In this process, independent party talks to both the party and then collect the necessary data. In the end, a recommendation is given by the arbitrator to resolve the issue.


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In case a situation arises in which a dispute is not solved through conciliation. Then adjudication is taken on the recommendation of the conciliation officer.

Consultative Machinery

For solving industrial conflicts, bipartite are set by the government at the plant, industry. This is done in order to bring parties together and to settle the disputes. To know more about dispute resolution click here.

The industrial disputes have a bad effect on stakeholders such as society, management, government, investors and so on. In such cases, the company’s management has to suffer the loss of production, revenue, and profit as well.

Employees also face difficulty due to lockouts and strikes. Industrial disputes further result in loss of wages and even jobs.  These disputes should be resolved quickly.