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The training services are not essential to the functionality of the software, and the terms of the arrangement indicate that the arrangement fee would vary if these services were included or excluded. Rather, it is accounted for as a right of return because a reseller is not the ultimate customer. Join a discount offered in the pcs that appear in recognition revenue. However, if it becomes probable that the amount allocated to an undelivered element will result in a loss on that element of the arrangement, the loss should be recognized pursuant to FASB Statement Accounting for Contingencies.

Readily available resources include the software or cloud servicefrom the contractif it is sold separately by the entity or if it is transferred to the customer before the implementation services. Finally, please tell us how you considered the guidance related to variable consideration for a series. PCS since it is a separate performance obligation from the software. The price established for an element that the vendor does not have the ability or intent to sell separately would not constitute VSOE of fair value.

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In other cases, the minimum guarantee is established as a cash flow management tool to provide the licensor with predictable timing of some of the cash flows under the contract.

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Select a method that best depicts performance for each performance obligation. This analysis requires judgment d is based on the facts and circumstances of the professional services performed. The software on other factors may not have not be necessary in revenue recognition license agreement and an array of relative list price would all.

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In the software industry, requiring collectibility of a receivable prior to revenue recognition is important because of the frequency with which upgrades, enhancements, or new versions are released. Functional intellectual property may be licensed in a way that is a right to access or a right to use. Some have questioned whether revenue may be recognized in these transactions to the extent of the incremental direct costs incurred in the activation.

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Several commentators noted that considerable effort would be required on the part of many vendors to measure the cumulative effect.

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The vendor delivers the product in the form of a disc pack along with a CPU authorization code.

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In addition, tell us your consideration of disclosing your policy for these costs. In addition, tell us how you determined you were the agent for your production and media buying services. Nonetheless, the mere requirement for a customer to pay for services rendered through the cancellation date is not considered a substantive penalty.

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