List Of Project Management Terms

The process of identifying, quantifying and scheduling the financial resources required to undertake a project.

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An activity is not need to his first phase is measured as tasks and events that project terms can turn. Project Management Methodologies Everything You Need. But what happens when assumptions are wrong? Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of the project. Gantt chart, is a graphical instrument depicting the data related to a project. It is important to include contingencies in the project estimates.

The project schedule should reflect all of the work associated with delivering the project on time. The project team on hitask is all has to perform effectively detecting, the project participants are threats to manage clients or list of project management terms that is anyone in a certain.

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Also called a Creative Brief, this document outlines the core requirements of the project while it is still being conceptualized. And Iod Safety.

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It draws from agile concepts that focus on teamwork, collaboration, and stakeholder involvement. Of Human.

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Many misunderstandings and conflicts arise because the parties that are involved in a project are not clear on these matters. To When.

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Calculated using the critical path method technique and determining the difference between the early finish dates and late finish dates.

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Once all the deliverables of the project have been identified, tasks will be performed in order to create the deliverables.

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There are three categories of business processes: management processes, operational processes, and supporting processes.

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The obligation to perform or take care of something, usually with the liability to be accountable for loss or failure.

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Theory of Constraints is a management philosophy of continuous improvement achieved by identifying and managing the most important constraint that affects quality and productivity.

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Any item that can negatively influence the success of the project is considered a risk.

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Phases are usually completed sequentially but will sometimes overlap.

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The period of time over which a task is completed.

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Unfortunately, most project managers do not pay attention to cost management from the beginning, spends a major chunk initially without any record and struggles to keep the project inside the budget later on.