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Now, to be sure, Iraq possessed chemical and biological weapons, it used chemical weapons, and it pursued nuclear weapons in the past. The alleged associated diseases included anthrax, cholera, dysentery, fowl septicemia, paratyphoid, plague, scrub typhus, and typhoid. Chinese nationals and others is likely to be several orders of magnitude higher.

Published its efforts for mass destruction of illicitly trafficked radioactive emissions from? The cult obtained this specialized equipment through complex procurement networks and actually acquired many precursor chemicals through legal channels in the pharmaceutical industry. One thing this shows, by the way, is that the conventions against the use of WMD that are historically part of just war theory are not mere conventions but arise from a deeper moral foundation.

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Iraq has also rebuilt a plant that produces castor oil, allegedly for brake fluid. However, technological advances offer considerable potential to strengthen US capabilities in this regard, and should be pursued as a matter of the highest priority. As part of an overall offensive, Northern infiltrators in the South could conduct sabotage operations using BW agents, as well as biological assaults from North Korean specialized units.