Creating A Quick Reference Guide

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These guides were created for all user roles and were published in the PDF format that could be printed out by the users. We use this to create one page System requirement sheets. Drag and drop the contractor stamp to the left side of the sheet. Calendar Day Types and Bell Schedules must be assigned to the calendar. Get the ctrl button you a reference guide provides an active kahua allow you. Note: MFMP can only provide account usernames and passwords to contacts listed on the account.

Also, the site visitor is brought to a page with a link to the uploaded item, the system places you in your home directory. Try learning a little bit each day over a long stretch of time. Learn how to gain the right relationships with people in the industry. Grant Managers direct access to pertinent data.

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Having a handy reference guide that is accessible to them whenever they need increases their confidence levels when using the software.

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