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The connection timed out. FI W01 377 536 AIR SPRING-AIR BAGPISTO Pacific. It can be in the extension or compression direction, but must be labeled properly. Upper Retainer: Refers to that retainer which usually contains the air fitting. Nav start should coincide in case this air bag will not.

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Also see Natural Frequency. Air Bag Spring Goodyear 1R12-1204 Firestone W01-35. We offer a choice when repairing and replacing their failing air suspension system. The old part number for us was Goodyear 2B12-309 2B12309.

China Good Quality Suspension Air Spring Supplier.

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Note that the number on the bellows is not a part number itself and is usually shared by several different air springs.

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Saves tire wear under empty or partial load conditions and lets you negotiate tight corners with spread tandems.

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Cushion air springs are made of natural rubber for durability and low temperature capability.

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Sleeve air springs incorporate a flexible member without the use of an internally molded bead.

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Air Bag Suspension units including trailer airbags Goodyear Contitech York Phoenix Airtech Firestone.

This can be accomplished by changing the size or shape of the piston.

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