Miami Senior High School Transcript Request

High school permanent records can be crucial when requesting special accommodations, applying for supplemental income, or securing support services.

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Complete the online request, sign a release authorization online, and pay online. Counseling is an essential element in career preparation because it assists students in identifying career goals and in selecting appropriate training programs. She aspires to become an investigative print journalist.

This year I ask you to remain in the arena with me, where we will dare greater! Not only did I save money on my education, but the small class sizes and access to assistance enabled me to grasp the concepts and apply them in the field. You have outstanding obligations to the school that block you from receiving services. The School District of Hillsborough County is committed to providing websites that are accessible to all of our stakeholders. Let yours be the next one!

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If an unofficial transcript is enough, you can simply make and include a copy of your transcript.

Providing your social security number is a condition of employment at Orange County Public Schools.

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Students who have attended another college or university since they were last enrolled at the University of Miami, will be required to provide a transcript of their work.

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PLEASE NOTE iorder to process an electronic transcript request, your social security number MUST ALREADY be on file with our school.